Antique Oil Lamp
  1. Antique French Austrian Art Nouveau Deco Baccarat Gwtw Oil Kerosene Banquet Lamp
  2. Outstanding Rare Antique Large Gwtw Lamp Decorated With Large Roses
  3. Antique Victorian Hanging Oil/Kerosene Lamp with floral shade
  4. Antique Multi Color Grape GWTW Success Oil Lamp, Pittsburgh Lamps/Pilabrasgo #DL
  5. Antique Ornate Brass w Cranberry Glass Hobnail Shade Hanging Library Oil Lamp
  6. Antique Figural Boston Sandwich Eapg Glass Piano Kerosene Old Oil Parlor Lamp
  7. Antique Sandwich Old Atterbury Oil Kerosene Eapg American Patterned Glass Lamp
  9. Antique Victorian Hanging Oil/Kerosene Lamp BLUE shade
  10. Antique Geo B Carpenter Co Chicago Brass Oil Ship Lantern
  11. Antique Cathedral stove with brass rising oil lamp. Cast iron oil lamp
  12. Antique Victorian Cranberry Bullseye Hanging Converted Oil Lamp with Matching Font
  13. Antique Nautical Maritime Boat Ship Oil Lantern Lamp
  14. Rare Antique Matching Art Glass Gone With The Wind Table Lamp In Oil
  15. Antique Gone With The Wind Signed Phoenix Floral Oil Lamp Converted 24'' High
  16. RARE PAIR of HAND PAINTED Antique Gone with the Wind Oil Parlor Lamps
  17. Antique Art Nouveau Uranium Green Opalescent Glass Oil Lamp Light Shade Vaseline
  18. ENTIRE ANTIQUE LIGHTING LIBRARY Edison Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Book Catalog
  19. Antique Eapg Oil Kerosene Sandwich Glass Atterbury Banquet Hunting Boy Pink Lamp
  20. Antique Gwtw Victorian Oil Kerosene Chinese Dragon Parlor Banquet B&h Gwtw Lamp
  21. 1900 1940 Antique Gone With the Wind Kerosene Oil Hand Painted Rose Lamp
  22. Very Fine & Rare Korean Joseon Dynasty Wood Oil Lamp Stand with Oil Container
  23. Antique Hanging Oil Parlor Library Lamp Hand Painted Glass Shade
  24. Antique Eapg Oil Kerosene Patterned Glass Sky Blue Shells Art Deco Nouveau Lamp
  25. C 1890 Antique Bradley Hubbard Hanging Country Porch Oil Lamp Sconce Shade Light
  26. Antique Sandwich Atterbury Blue Glass Oil Kerosene 19c Pattern Eapg Parlor Lamp
  27. Antique Sandwich Old Atterbury Overlay Cut Glass Oil Kerosene Parlor Piano Lamp
  28. Pair Of Antique Vintage Brass Oil Lamp With Vintage Aladdin Lamp See Video
  29. American Victorian Cranberry Hobnail Shade Antique Hanging Oil Lamp Chandelier
  30. Antique Red Cranberry Glass Victorian Oil Lamp
  31. Antique Mappin & Webb Sterling Silver Converted Oil Column Candlestick Lamp
  32. Backstage Antiques Antique Oil And Electrical Lamps
  33. Old Antique Lantern Vintage Oil Kerosene Islamic Hanging Gwtw Lamp Chandelier
  34. Antique Banquet Victorian Oil Kerosene Hand Painted Floral Art Nouveau Gwtw Lamp
  35. Antique Oil Lamps
  36. Antique Old Kerosene Oil Atterbury Boston Sandwich Glass Victorian Gwtw Lamp
  37. Sandwich Antique Old Vintage Oil Kerosene Parlor Banquet Piano Overlay Gwtw Lamp
  38. Oil Lamp
  39. Antique Boston Sandwich Glass Eapg Victorian Dolphin Old Oil Kerosene Lamp Gwtw
  40. Antique Old Oil Kerosene Fostoria Glass Victorian Lighting Banquet Gwtw Lamp
  41. Fabulous Double Tiffany Student Lamp With A Matched Pr. Of Blue Period Shades
  42. Gwtw Antique Victorian Oil Kerosene Old Banquet Parlor Gone With The Wind Lamp
  43. Gone With The Wind Gwtw Oil Kerosene Glass Antique Lion Banquet Parlor Old Lamp
  44. 2 Gwtw Victorian Antique Old Hand Painted Roses Vintage Kerosene Oil Parlor Lamp
  45. Antique Old Oil Kerosene Gwtw Glass Eagle Gold Shade Impire Federal Banquet Lamp
  46. Antique Dresden German Porcelain Owl Parlor Victorian Kerosene Oil Old Gwtw Lamp
  47. Antique Kerosene Oil Gwtw B&h Chinese Dragon Emerald Green Victorian Parlor Lamp
  48. WOW RARE Victorian Ansonia Hanging Kerosene Oil Lamp Parlor or Library c1865
  49. Antique Old Oil Kerosene Gwtw Pink Cased Glass Lion Shade Banquet Victorian Lamp
  50. VERY RARE Antique VICTORIA Miniature Hanging Oil Lamp with Prisms, S1-248
  51. Vintage Fenton Gwtw Iridescent Marygold Oil Kerosene Art Nouveau Iris Glass Lamp
  52. Gwtw Victorian Antique Bronze Arts Crafts Glass Kerosene Oil Angle Hanging Lamp
  53. Antique Old Kerosene Oil Atterbury Boston Sandwich Glass Victorian Eapg Lamp
  54. Antique Victorian Glass Gas Chandelier Old Eapg Hanging Oil Kerosene Lamp Gwtw
  55. RARE B&H Hanging Kerosene Lamp -Victorian Library Gone with the Wind Oil (GWTW)
  56. Antique Old Oil Kerosene Baby Face Angel Victorian Banquet Gwtw Vintage Lamp
  57. Unique Old Advertising Store Display Oil Lamp Karat & Dial Clock and Watchmakers
  58. Antique Boston Sandwich Glass Eapg Victorian Dolphin Old Oil Kerosene Lamp Gwtw
  59. Gwtw Oil Kerosene Banquet Antique English Whimsical Victorian Figural Owl Lamp
  60. Antique Victorian Gwtw Old Arts And Crafts Art Nouveau Deco Kerosene Oil Lamp
  61. Antique Gwtw Gone With The Wind Kerosene Brass Bronze Whimsical Oil Owl Lamp
  62. How To Use And Care For And Antique Oil Lamp
  63. Antique French Baccarat Cloisonne Enamel Art Nouveau Old Oil Kerosene Gwtw Lamp
  64. Antique Gwtw Old Victorian Slag Glass Chinese Japanese Dragon Oil Kerosene Lamp
  65. Antique Old Figural Kerosene Oil Gwtw Military Banquet Victorian Slag Glass Lamp
  66. Antique Kerosene Oil Gwtw Majolica Porcelain French Nouveau Bronze English Lamp
  67. How To Collect Oil Lamps How To Use Antique Oil Lamps
  68. Antique Kerosene Oil Gwtw Delft Majolica Porcelain Chinese Japanese Dragon Lamp
  69. Antique Kerosene Oil Gwtw Chinese Japanese Dragon Awaji Banquet Victorian Lamp
  70. Antique Arts Crafts Oil Kerosene Art Nouveau Deco Gwtw Victorian Old Glass Lamp
  71. Antique Cloisonne Floor Oil Lamp Asian Antique Antique Lamp