Antique Oil Lamp

ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts

ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts
ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts

ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts


Plug in and view on your MAC or Microsoft PC. Note that many files are PDF which means that one file will open into even many more pages of info which would in reality add even many more "files or pages of info" then what you have already imagined! This is all of my research, real life pictures of items, my old web site (antiquesockets. Com) backup, all of my catalogs and magazines, all of my sorted patent collection every patent first page picture (every patent) sorted into folders from 1790 to 1960. NOTE: These patents are not from Google or Lexus Nexus which came from microfilm and have many missing and damaged or poor quality images! There are no missing patents. I also have other patent sorts included too which I sorted lighting into folders and categories by type.

My electrical magazine collections: I took time with making sure they are as complete as possible. I took time to make many files PDF searchable. Example you can perform a search looking for words into magazines or an entire group of magazines. Example search one "Western Electrician" magazine or all of them from 1887 to 1908 (volumes 1-43) for "Mitchell Vance" or just a word. I also have these sorted by articles and ads.

So for example, in effect you can search just the advertisements in the magazines (one or all or just certain dates) for the word gaslight. There are many rarities here. This is my life on a drive. I spent hundreds of dollars many times just for a photo copy of ONE catalog and always scanned everything. I have paid a thousand dollars just for one original catalog many times! I hope in offering this drive to the public I will now begin to recoup a small percentage of what I have put into this in dollars and TIME which seems impossible when thinking back of the years spent in all of this. The lighting catalogs range mostly from 1850 to 1930 and contain many plates (many full color) and pictures of early lighting, shades and lighting parts as well as many different electrical and household items. This drive has a crazy amount of data and years of accumulation of Daily Hours in research taking up over 15,650 folders and 3,782,400 files.

Even if it was possible for you to only look at each file for only a second which it is not because some are PDF containing even more pages of info!!! It would take you 1050 hours or 43 days without sleeping to view everything. If you take a minute with each file 3,782,400 minutes is 7 years (no sleep - lol I know the feeling). Thank God it is all sorted so you can easily find what you are looking for.

My web site has been offline for a while, the live backup is also included here! The old antique sockets web page backup with many years of research! This is loaded with pages and pages of research documentation, pictures, pdf files, news clipping, old catalogs, etc.. Find it easy to date your sockets, lamp parts and learn more about rare items and what to look for. I figure the best way is to not gouge researchers for hundreds per catalog, but just offer everything at once or in groups (DVD sales) for a reasonable cost that will help meet my now retired monthly needs over time.

Electrical code books, lighting, etc.. I also sort by items such as bulbs, meters, fans, arc lamps, shades, gas, electric, sockets, switches, etc.. (To see my antique catalog auctions on DVD).

Check out my other items. LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL COMPANIES & AD'S This is 626 different electrical company folders with either company catalogs, research info or ads, etc.. (see list of companies below). A work in progress that you can add to or finish. A group of folders such as EVERYTHING BULBS & Early Lamps: This folder has 1,809 Files, 132 Folders of catalogs, ads and research about antique light bulbs.


Catalogs Images (this is separate from the scans drive). A folder for each lighting and electrical catalog with a high resolution image file for each page.

68,927 Files, 496 Folders. Original scans before being cropped or fixed and added to PDF. Every photo ever taken of every item, before and after pictures of restorations, photos of others items, collections, web site Q&A pics, this list has many pictures never seen on the web site and many personal fixes, mods, repros, techniques, etc.. This has every picture ever passed through my computer for lighting, electrical, antique, etc..

96,317 Files, 2,877 Folders. CATALOGS - Lighting and Electrical Supplies (10,876 Files, 805 Folders). OTHER CATALOGS: 121,411 Files 1,058 Folders. All catalogs, books, magazines, ads, etc. CATALOGS - Barbershop Supply CATALOGS - Castings - Plumbing - Pipes - Fittings Etc CATALOGS - Ecclesiastical Church Lighting Fixtures Etc CATALOGS - Hardware CATALOGS - Lighting and Electrical PDF ONLY. CATALOGS - Magic Lanterns CATALOGS - Medical or Science CATALOGS - Misc. NON-Electrical Trades CATALOGS - ORNAMENTAL Iron Wood Mache Moldings Gilt etc CATALOGS - Sears & Other Stores CATALOGS - Store Display Or Stage Lighting. CATALOGS OR BOOKS - Electrical Test Instruments Meters CATALOGS OR BOOKS - Motors Machines Industrial etc CATALOGS OR BOOKS - Trains etc CATALOGS OR BOOKS - WATT METERS. BOOKS - ARC Street Or Outdoor Lighting Related BOOKS - Architectural BOOKS - Batteries BOOKS - Blacksmithing BOOKS - Edison BOOKS - Electrical Directories or Electrical Dictionary Terms etc BOOKS - Information - companies - products - utilities - etc BOOKS - Insulating Materials - Hard Rubber - Fiber - Lava - Porcelain - Etc BOOKS - Legal Cases - Electrical BOOKS - Misc.

Books and catalogs to be sorted BOOKS - NEC And Electrical Code Related or misc books or periodicals containing electrical codes BOOKS - NEC-Electrical Codes and NEC Code Books BOOKS - Technical. PATENT BOOKS - Specifications and drawings of patents related to electricity.

PERIODICALS - Electrical Conventions Meetings Bulletins (180 complete PDF files). The American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The First American National Fire Prevention Convention. The National Board of Fire Underwriters. The National Conference of Electricians in Philadelphia 1884.

The National Electric Light Association. PERIODICALS - Electrical Magazines 26,016 Files, 30 Folders American Electrician, Architectural Record, Electric Club Journal - Westinghouse - Pittsburgh PA, Electric Railway Journal - McGraw Publishing - New York, Electrical Review - Electrical Review Publishing Co - New York, Electrical Review - LONDON - H. Alabaster Gatehouse & Co, Electrical World - New York, Electrician and Electrical Engineer - New York, Electricity Newspaper, Engineering Magazine - John Dunlap - New York, Engineering Mechanics - David Williams - New York, General Electric Review - working on, Lighting Journal, Scientific American - Munn & Co - New York, Telegraphic Journal, The Jewelers Circular, The Journal of Electricity, Van Nostrands Engineering Magazine - D.

Van Nostrand Publishers - New York, Western Electrician - Electrician Publishing Co. I have sorts to make finding patents easy. If you know the patent date or even have a good idea of the dat. For example you are not sure if it is a 3 or an 8 or 6.

Sometimes a 1 can be a worn 7, etc.. These sorted folders are year, month, and then the days that the patent office was open for that month.

4 or 5 week days. So, easy to simply find what the day is without having to search through many files of different days and years to find the item because in MOST cases the mis-read date will not exist.

I also have a nice sorted patent lighting area 39,396 Files, 201 Folders. [acetylene], [Adjustable-Bracket Parts], [Air Ships], [Alarms], [Anything Adjustable or Droplight], [Argand-Burners and Misc], [Battery and Misc Powered By], [Bicycle or Cycle Lighting], [BilliardLamp], [Brackets-Kerosene or Other Types of Holding Methods], [buglight], [Burners-Gas], [Burners-Kerosene or Lamp or Holders], [Burners-Misc], [Candle Torch Canes Police Sticks Clubs or Matchboxes smoking misc], [Carriage Coach Wagon Horse or Vehicle Automobiles Car Signals etc], [Chandelier and Fixtures and Misc Parts], [Chimney Shades Holders Protectors etc], [Cigar Lighters], [Electric-ARC and Misc NON-Incandescent and Posts and Masts], [Electric-Brackets Electric OR Gas or Combo], [Electric-Bulb Shock Absorbing inventions], [Electric-Bulbs Sockets and Misc], [Electric-Candle Lamps Mini Sockets or Misc Related], [Electric-CeilingBlock Wall Sockets Rosettes Cut-Out Etc], [Electric-Chandelier Pendent and Misc Parts], [Electric-Clusters or multi socket adapters], [Electric-Combo Chandelier or Pendant and Misc Combo or Combo Parts], [Electric-Cord Adjuster or Adjusting Extension], [Electric-Desk Table Bed or Floor], [Electric-Fan or Combo Light and Fan], [Electric-Misc Other], [Electric-Misc Parts Couplings Joints], [Electric-Misc Supplies Household or tools], [Electric-Plugs or misc socket related], [Electric-Switches and Misc Controlers], [Electric-WireGuards Sticks Portable WorkLight Misc Wire Fixtures etc], [FlashLight], [Fog Lights], [Gas Joints Cocks Misc etc], [Gas Lamp], [Gas or Other Lighting Methods or Timers or Mechanisms], [Globes], [Guns Firearms etc], [Hanging Suspension and Extension Lamps], [Head Lights], Illuminated or Luminous Misc. After 1911, [Theater Architectural or Misc Decorative OR Lighting Effects OR Drafting Furniture], [Trim Shade Parts or Ornament], [Tube Pipe Misc Joints etc], [Window Display or Display Case Store Display Picture Frame Lighting Pulpit Anything Music or Tripod Stand or Misc]. There are also many other patent areas such as Hubbell, Bryant, and many lighting manufacturers areas.

HERE IS THE CATALOG IMAGE AREA LIST. [1800s Rawson_&_Evans_Chipped Glass Signs] [1800s Rawson_&_Evans_Chipped Glass Signs Cleaned] [1850s_Cornelius & Co AKA Cornelius & Baker Cornelius & Sons Later Hetherington Rowland] [1850_Archer, Warner, Miskey & Company_Philadelphia PA] [1858c_Henry N Hooper_Photo Copy Collection] 1858_Henry N Hooper & Co.

3 [1875_John Hardman & Co_London] [1876c_Mitchell Vance & Company_New York_Centennial_Brochure] [1876c_Mitchell Vance & Company_New York_Examples_And_Essays_Brochure] [1876_Mitchell Vance_Masterpieces Of The Centennial International Exhibition] [1877c_Cassidy & Son_New York] [1879c_Cassidy & Son_New York] 1880's Circa_Paxson Comfort & Co. Gleason MFG Co_Supplement To Catalogue No. Gleason MFG Co_Catalogue ELECTRIC FIRST ELECTRIC Catalog No E 1887_E.

10 [1887_J & R Lamb_New York] [1887_Oxley, Giddings & Enos_New York_Gas Fixtures_Book 26] 1887_Thackara Sons & Co_Philadelphia PA_Book No. 14_Fine Gas Fixtures [1888-Goulds_Mfg_Co-Pumps-Engines] [1888-Thomson-Houston] [1888-Western-Electric] [1888-Westinghouse] 1888_E. Gleason MFG Co_Catalogue ELECTRIC Supplement-To-Catalog-Number-E [1889-Bailey-Reflector-Company-Brochure] 1889-Ball Electric Light Co - Catlog No.

11 [1890-EGE-edison-electric-motors] [1890-Electric_Light_Fitting] [1890-Sawyer-Man 1890 (westinghouse)] [1890-sole-license-for-plant-installations] [1890-The-Westinghouse-jr-automatic-engine] [1890-Thomson-Houston Electric Co] 1890c_Cassidy & Son MFG Co_New York Catalog No. 19 [1890s-Packard Electric Co-Ohio] [1890s-Wire_Bulb_Guards] [1890s_c-Klemm-17] 1890s_C. 24 1892c_The Mitchell Vance Company_New York_Catalogue No. 6 [1893 Central Electric Co] [1893 Pettingell-Andrews Co] [1893-94_Bradley & Hubbard] [1893-Columbia Incandescent Lamp Co - 1893] [1893-Oct-Iona-Mfg-Co] [1893-Taylor-Goodhue And Ames] [1893-Truax-Greene-and-co-chicago-med] [1893_The Horn Brannen & Forsyth Manufacturing Co_Philadelphia PA] 1894 General Electric Co. Lighting Apparatus And Supplies Catalog No.

3_Chicago_IL [1895-The_Electrical_Transmission_of_Energy] 1895c Chicago-General-Fixture-Co-Cat No. B17 1895c_Chicago General Fixture Co_Catalog No.

Gleason-ELECTRIC Catalog No E 1896 Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. White_Catalog [1897c German Lighting Catalog] 1898 Manhattan Electrical Supply Co.

Frink-Catalog No33 1899-Packard Electric Co. 9_Chicago [1900 Leonard and McCoy NY] 1900-Feb-1-Marshall-Sanders-No. Langlois [1900-Pass-Seymour-No-12] [1900-The_Westinghouse_Code] [1900-WESCO-partial] [1900c Rumsey & Sikemeier 61] 1900c_Bauer Gas Fixture Works_Philadelphia PA_Electric Fixtures Catalog No. 29 1900c_Gibson Gas Fixture Works_Album No. 14_Philadelphia PA [1900s ELRECO street lighting Catalog F] 1900_The Horn Brannen Manufacturing Co_Catalog_No.

23_Philadelphia PA [1901 Pettingell-Andrews Co Bulletin Collection] [1901-Bryant Electric Co-1901-socketsonly] [1901-Electrical_Engineers_Pocket_Book] [1901-Electric_Gas_Lighting-how-to-install] [1901-Hubbell-1902-bul-and-list] [1901-hubbell-grier-no-1] [1901-StanleyElectricMFG] 1901_Gibson Gas Fixture Works_Album No. 16_Philadelphia PA [1901_Pettingell Andrews Company_Boston MA_Bulletin D] [1901_The Toledo Chandelier Manufacturing Co_Toledo Ohio] 1902 Stuart-Howland Co. Frink-Catalog No 46 [1902c_o-c-white-pamphlet] 1902_E.

Gleason-ELECTRIC Catalog No E 1903 H. Roberts Electrical Supply Co [1903-American-Meter-Practice] 1903-GE-Thomson-Watthour-Meters-August-No. 3197 [1903-Nernst-catalog] [1903-nernstlamp_nlc1903] [1903-Perkins-Goods-August-Catalog-No-12] [1903c Post Glover Electric #9] 1903c_Beardslee Chandelier Mfg. B-15 1904_Pettingell Andrews_Fixture Department_Catalog No. 4_Plates_01-93 1904_The Horn Brannen Manufacturing Co_Catalog_No.

28_Philadelphia PA [1905 Espersen's Adjustable Shade Lamps] 1905 Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. 21 Catalog 1905 Standard Electrical Supply Co. New York [1905-Bridgeport-board-of-trade-year-book] 1905-Bryant Electric Co.

B16 [1905_Electrical World - Reflector Artical - 1905-v46] 1905_R. 12 1905_The Horn Brannen Manufacturing Co_Catalog_No. 29 [1906-Electric_Lighting] [1906-Hubbell - 1906 No 09] 1906_Benjamin_Catalog_No. B-17 [1907-Bryant Electric Co] [1907-GE-SUPPLIES-CATALOG-Jan-No-7603] [1907-Stuart-Howland] [1907-The_Electrical_Transmission_of_Energy] [1907-TungstenBulletin] [1907_Benjamin_Industrial_Lighting_Handbook] 1907_R.

14_Chicago [1907_The_Best_Light_Co_Catalog_No-40] [1908 Western Electric Company] [1908-Electrical_Contractors_Association_Ad-Book] 1908-United_Engineering_&_Foundery_Co. B-18 1908_The Dale Company_New York_Specialties Catalogue No. 15 [1908_The Horn Brannen Manufacturing Co_Brochure] 1909 H. Roberts Electrical Supply Co - Catalog No. 15 [1910 Good_Lighting_and_the_Illuminating_Engineer] [1910-Bryant-Perkins] [1910-Circle F MFG Co Jan1-Freeman] 1910-G.

B-19 1910_Gleason-Tiebout Glass Company_Brooklyn-Catalogue No. Brown - Stuart Howland Co.

Catalog Fixtures Section 1912 W. Y-188 [1912-Ornamental_Street_lighting] [1912-Weston-Electrical-Instruments] [1912c The Dirtless Workman] [1912c Untitled Catalogue Proof] 1912_Benjamin_Catalog_No. B-20 [1912_Macbeth Evans Glass Company_Pittsburgh PA] 1912_O. 8650 [1913-Lighting-Journal-Content] [1913-Lighting-Journal-Data] [1913-Weston-Instruments-Catalog] 1913_The Mitchell Vance Company_New York_Catalogue No. 3 [1914c_sears-oxidized-copper] 1914c_Stuart Howland Co_Boston MA_Electric Lighting Catalog No.

15 [1915-Circle F MFG Co Freeman-5-5A] [1915-Faries-No-21-c1915-Brass-Fittings-Catalog] 1915-M. Rutkin-Electrical-Supplies [1915c_Wakefield Universal_Philadelphia PA] 1915_Benjamin_Catalog_No. B-21 1915_Gleason-Tiebout Glass Company_Brooklyn- Supplement to Catalogue No. 17 Catalog Lighting Pages [1916-Bryant Electric Co] 1916-Catalog No.

7 [1917-Book-Electrical_Meters] [1917-Hubbell - 1917 No 16] [1917c-Harry Pickhardt Lighting-Material] [1918-Faries-No-26-1918-Brass-Fittings-Catalog] [1918-Ivanhoe-Reflectors-Fittings] [1918_Benjamin_Marine_Catalog] 1918_Sunlight_Reflector_Co_Catalog_No. 17 [1920's_Moe Bridges Company_New York] 1920's_Phoenix Light Co. 22_Electric Fixtures_Chicago [1920's_Tiffany Studios_New York] 1920-21-Canadian-G-E-No. 19 [1920c_Anderson-adjuster] [1920s Anywhere Adjustable Lamps] [1920s Emeralite-JR] 1920s Franke, Levasseur & Co. Ltd [1920s Friedlaender & Company NY] [1920s Frink Silverlite Brochure] [1920s GE Street Lighting Latin America] [1920s Gill Glass and Fixture catalog #20] [1920s Gill Glass Fixture Co #16] 1920s Northern Electric Company - Catalog No.

7 [1920s Tiffany Bronze Lamps-TiffanyStudios] [1920_Benjamin_Industrial_Signals_Brochure] [1921-EMF_Electrical_Year_Book] [1921-Hubbell - 1921 No 17] 1921-I. 15 [1923-24 Welsbach Catalog No 422] 1923-Catalog No. 20 Arrow Electric Co May 1923 1923-National_X-Ray_Reflector_Co_Catalog_No.

320 [1923-Westinghouse catalog 8-B 1923] 1923_Benjamin_Bulletin_No. 22 [1925-Hubbell No 18] [1925-Westinghouse-Cutter- Ornamental Street Lighting Equipment Cat 8-b] 1925_Benjamin_Catalog_No. 22 Arrow Electric Co 1926 [1926-Circle F MFG Co-No-9] [1926-hubbell-brochure] [1926-Weber-Dependable-Wiring-Devices] [1927-28-X-Ray_Catalog_No-23_SPECIAL] [1927-Holophane-Book-No-375-E] [1927-Hubbell-Bulletin-and-PriceList-No-50-D-Nov-18] [1927-Hubbell-cat-no-18-bulletin-Acorn-Line] [1927-National-Mazda-Lamps-published-for-jobbers] 1927-X-Ray_Catalog_No.

24 1929_Gill Glass Fixture Co. 20-lBl [1930-Faries-No-35-1930-Brass-Fittings-Catalog] [1930-Faries-No-36-1930-Illustrated-Shade-Bulletin] [1930-modern-art-lighting-fixtures] [1930s_Gill Glass and Fixture catalog #20] [1930s_Gill Glass Fixture #48C] [1930_Kliegl_Stage_Lighting_Catalog_30] [1931-Emeralite-Bellova] 1931-G. Floodlighting-nella-park-engineering-cleveland 1931-Major Equipment Co - Catalog No.

26 [1932 Novelty Lighting Sign Catalog] 1932 Philadelphia Electrical & MFG Co - Catalog No. 26-v1 [1935_Kliegl_Stage_Lighting_Bul106C1935] [1936 Westinghouse Fluorescent Lighting Guide] 1936_Pittsburgh_Reflector_Catalog_No. 37 [1937-oc-white_Applioed_Letter] [1937-oc-white_letter] [1937-Pittsburg-Reflector-Company_SPECIAL_BOOKLET] [1937-Wheeler-Catalog-No-50] 1937_Benjamin_Catalog_No. White_Catalog [1938-Holophane-Book-No-375] [1938_Guth_Full_Line-Radiant_Lighting_Catalog] [1939-Faries-No-40-1939-Faries-Lamps-Catalog] 1939-Kopp Glass Inc. 26-v3 [1942_Corning Glass Works_ Catalogue B-65-R_Includes Macbeth Evans] 1942_O.

44 1948_Gyro Lamp & Shade Co_Chicago_Catalog No. 16 1949_Gyro Lamp & Shade Corp_Chicago_Catalog No. Formerly-mcfaddin 1951_Gyro Lamp & Shade Corp_Chicago_Catalog No. 11 1952_Emeralite Company Inc_Catalog No. HERE IS THE CATALOGS, AD'S & RESEARCH FOLDERS SECTION.

Pdf [20th century lamp works AKA Fowlers Lamps # BULBS # Philadelphia PA] 972170_ADJUSTABLE_SUPPORT_FOR_HANGINGR_L. Hamacek AKA Alternating arc lamp #ARC #Sturgeon Bay WIS a. Rosenberg co AKA The America #FAN #WATER MOTORS #Baltimore MD a. Hamacek AKA Series Arc Cut-Outs #LINE-MATERIAL#Chicago ILL a. Bogart AKA Electric Gas Lighting #ELECTRIC-GAS-LIGHTING #BURNERS #SWITCHES #INSULATORS #NYC a. Riemann & co AKA successors to A. Wolfram Electric Co [adams-bagnall electric co AKA Arc Lamps & Hangers #ARC #INCANDESCENT #Cleveland OHIO] [addison glass co #SHADES OPAL ARC GLOBES REFLECTORS #Addison NY] [aetna electric works AKA AETNA Lamp #BULBS #Hartford CONN] [ahlm-edwards electric co #MOTORS #DYNAMOS #Cleveland OHIO] [ajax line material co AKA IronClad Brackets] [akron insulator & marble co #INSULATORS #TUBES CLEATS #Akron OH] [Albert-Sechrist AKA Automatic Electric Switches #FIXTURES #FIXTURE PARTS PRE+MISSION] [alden & co AKA Marquette Incandescent Lamps #BULBS #HOUSE-GOODS #Chicago ILL] alexander barney chapin - AKA a.

C - AKA Fibrone mfg co ALSO SEE union electric manufacturing co [american conduit co #CONDUIT FIBER #NY] [american electric co AKA Sole manufacturers #ELECTRIC-GAS-LIGHTING #Boston MASS] american electric fuse co # FUSE WIRE BLOCKS LINKS ARRESTERS ETC. # Chicago IL [american electric heater co # Irons # Curling Irons # Detroit MI] [american electric heating co # Irons #Curling #Foot Warmer #Pad #Pan #Stove #NY #BOSTON #CHICAGO] [american electric manufacturing co AKA The American Dynamo #SYSTEM #NY] [american electric telephone co # SCISSOR BRACKET # Chicago IL] american electrical manufacturing company # BULBS # St. Louis MO [american electrical supply co # Chicago IL] [american endoscopic co #BULBS #SERIES SURGICAL DENTAL BATTERY # Providence RI] [american engine company #ENGINES # DYNAMOS # SPAULDING # LOOMIS # Bound Brook NJ] [American Fixture Co #MILWAUKEE #FIXTURES ADJUSTABLE #SHADES REFLECTOR] [american insulator co #POLE HOLE INSULATORS # Anderson IN] [american reflector & lighting co #FIXTURES REFLECTORS #SHADES REFLECTORS # Chicago IL] american rheostat co # Frank R. Pdf [Anchor Electric Co - AKA Norman Marshall -Proctor -Howland #BOSTON -NY- CHICAGO #SUPPLIES] anderson tool co AKA L.

Enclosed ARC Lamps # Anderson IN Anderson-ad. Pdf [ansonia electric co - SEE Electrical Supply Company PRE 1893 # Chicago ILL] anywhere-lamp. Tif [Appleton Electric Co AKA Adapt-A-Lite # SUPPLIES CONDUIT UNILET # Chicago IL] [Archer-Warner AKA Archer-Warner-Miskey #PHILADELPHIA #FIXTURES GAS 1850s] [armorite interior conduit co #PA] [Arrow Electric Company #SUPPLIES #FIXTURES PENDANTS #Hartford CT] auerbach-woolverton electric co AKA STAR ARC LAMPS & A. ARC LAMPS # NJ # NY [Bailey Reflector Co #FIXTURES GAS ELECTRIC KEROSENE COMBO REFLECTORS] [bain electric mfg co #CHICAGO #DYNAMOS +MOTORS #SYSTEM-do it yourself] [baker & fox # FOCUSING ARC LAMPS RHEOSTATS STANDS # Brooklyn NY] [Ball Electric Light Co #SYSTEM #FIXTURES PENDANTS #NY CHICAGO CANADA] [ball engine co # Erie PA] [banner electric co # BULBS # Youngstown OHIO] [barr electric mfg co # ELECTRIC LIGHTERS #NY] [Bauer Gas Fixture Works #PHILADELPHIA #FIXTURES GAS ELECTRIC COMBO #SHADES GLASS] [baxter electric motor co #Electric Railway, Arc & Incandescent Motors # Baltimore MD] [beacon vacuum pump & electrical co AKA Beacon Lamp Co # STOPPER LAMP #Boston MA] [Beardslee Chandelier MFG Co # Chicago IL] [belden-larwill electric & mfg co #ARC LAMPS #Fort Wayne IN] [belknap motor co # Portland ME] [Benjamin Electric MFG Co # WIRELESS CLUSTERS # Chicago IL] [Bergmann & Co # NY] [Bernstein Electric Co # Boston MA] [Best Light Company # VAPOR GAS # Canton OH] [blake signal & mfg co #Boston MA] [bleckert & nelson # ELECTRIC LIGHT & COMBO FIXTURES # Chicago IL] bossert electric construction co AKA W. Bossert KNIFE SWITCHES STEEL CONDUIT BOXES # Utica NY [boston electric co # GAS BURNERS # Boston MA] [boston electric heating and power co # FANS # Boston MA] [boston incandescent lamp co # BULBS # Danvers MA] [Bradley & Hubbard] [brilliant electrical co # BULBS # Cleveland OH] [brockton electric mfg co # LEATHER NAIL HEADS # Brockton MA] [brodie electric co # MOTOR KNIFE SWITCH #Manchester NH] [Brush Electric Co # ARC LAMPS SWITCHES MOTORS SOCKETS BULBS # Cleveland OH] [Bryan Marsh Co # BULBS ALSO SEE Federal Miniature Lamp Co # NY & Chicago IL] Bryant Electric Co SOCKETS PLUGS SWITCHES Etc.

# Bridgeport CT [buckeye electric co #BULBS # Cleveland OH] [bullock electric mfg co # MOTORS GENERATORS # Cincinnati OH] [Bush & Mallett co # GAS FIXTURES # San Francisco CA] [butler manufacturing co # ARC SWITCHES HANGERS INDUSTRIAL HOODS SHADES TIN # PENDANT# Chicago IL] [c & c electric motor co # FANS MOTORS DYNAMOS # NY] c. Lever mfg co # CORD ADJUSTERS ELECTRIC WOOD SPECIALTY # Chicago IL C. McKenny # FIXTURES # Boston MA c. Schneider & co mfrs # FIREFLY MOTORLESS FLASHER # Chicago IL c.

Osborne # GAS PLYERS c. Van nuis # AJAX SWITCHES ARC LAMPS ARRESTERS # NY [calumet electric mfg & engineering co # FANS MOTORS DYNAMOS # Chicago IL] [card electric motor & dynamo co #FANS DYNAMOS MOTORS # Cincinnati OH] [carlisle & finch co # WATER FANS DYNAMOS MOTORS # Cincinnati OH] [carpenter enamel rheostat co #Bridgeport CT] [Cassidy & Son AKA Cassidy & Oxley, Son, Mfg, Fixtures, Chandeliers etc] [Central Chandelier Co # GAS ELECTRIC COMBO # Toledo OH] [Central Electric Company # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # Chicago IL] century electric co # FANS PILLSBURY CEILING FANS # St. Louis MO [century glass co # ARC GLOBES INNER & OUTER # Bellaire OH] chapman plug AKA W.

Pringle & Co ALSO See Bryant # Philadelphia PA chas. Cooper & co # BULBS #St. Polacheck & bro # CHANDELIERS & SUPPLIES # Milwaukee WI [chase-shawmut co # FUSES ALSO Shawmut Fuse Wire Co # Boston MA] [chelten electric company # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # Philadelphia PA] [chicago edison co # NOVELTY SHADES FANS SUPPLIES ETC # Chicago IL] [chicago electric commission co AKA Newton Specialties # Chicago IL] [chicago electric manufacturing co #Electrical Supplies # Chicago IL] [chicago fuse wire & mfg co AKA American Electrical Mfg Co # Chicago IL] Chicago General Fixture Company AKA Thackara, E. Baggot & Son # Chicago IL chicago rheostat co #CHICAGO AKA E. Hammer ALSO SEE cutler & hammer [chicago water motor & fan co # Chicago IL] Circle F MFG Co AKA E.

Freeman Electric Co # Trenton NJ [clark & marshall # FANS # Chicago IL] [clark inc lamp co # BULBS # Toledo OH] [cleveland electric co # ARC CUT-OUTS TIME SWITCH #Cleveland OH] [Cleveland Gas and Electric Fixture Co # Cleveland OH] [colburn mfg co # SYSTEM BULB DYNAMO Etc # Fitchburg MA] [colonial electric co # BULBS # Warren OH] [colorado lamp co # BULBS # Denver CO] columbia electric co #MOTORS SYSTEM DYNAMO # St. Paul MINN Columbia Incandescent Lamp Co # BULBS # St. Louis MO [columbia mfg & supply co # Chicago IL] [Comfy Light Co # ADJUSTABLE # Chicago IL] [commercial electric company # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # Detroit MI] commercial electrical supply co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES #St. Jpg [cooper hewitt electric co MERCURY VAPOR LAMPS # NY] [Cornelius & Co AKA Cornelius & Baker Cornelius & Sons Later Hetherington Rowland 1850s] [Corning Glass Works AKA Macbeth-Evans # Charlerol PA] [creager & connard Co # PORCELAIN CLEATS # Marseilles IL] [creaghead engineering co # ARC SUPPLIES # Cincinati OH] [crescent co SEE ALSO crescent manufacturing co # SOCKET HANDLE ADJUSTER # Chicago ILL] crescent electric company AKA Crescent Fans ALSO SEE a. Riemann & co #FANS # Lancaster PA crescent manufacturing co AKA A. Meyer # SPOOL CORD ADJUSTER # Chicago IL [crocker-wheeler FANS MOTORS DYNAMOS # NY] [crouse-hinds electric co # CONDULETS SOCKETS PORCELAIN # Chicago IL] [crown electric mfg co # SOCKETS SUPPLIES # Bridgeport CT] [cutler-hammer mfg co ALSO SEE chicago rheostat co # Milwaukee WI] [Cutter Electrical & Mfg Company AKA GEORGE CUTTER # Chicasgo IL # Philadelphia PA # IND] [d & w fuse co # SWITCHES FUSES # Providence RI] d'olier AKA Henry D'Olier Jr. Co AKA D'Olier Electric Co # Philadelphia PA d. Bates & bro # FANS # Cayton OH [Dale Company FIXTURES SUPPLIES AKA Dale Manufacturing Company # NY] [dayton fan & motor company # FANS # Dayton OH] dearborn electric company AKA Old T.

Rafferty & Co #Chicago IL [desaymar incandescent lamp] [detroit electric heating co # DISK STOVE # Detroit MI] [detroit electrical works AKA Newtons Lamp Extension # LAMP ADJUSTERS MOTORS # Detroit MI] [detroit motor co # MOTORS DYNAMOS # Detroit MI] [diamond electric mfg co # TRANSFORMERS REGULATORS # Peoria IL] [dickinson electric supply co # BULBS SIGNS # NY] [dickinson mfg co # HARD RUBBER KEYS COLLARS ETC # Springfield MA] [diehl & company # FANS # NY] [dillon mast arm company # Indianapolis IN] [dow adjustable light co # Boston MA] [downward light electric company # BULBS # NY] [dudley electric manufacturing co # BELL RINGER # NY] [duncan electric manufacturing company WATT METERS # La Fayette IN] [duplex electric co ltd # ARC GENERATOR SYSTEM # Corry PA] e. Meyrowitz AKA Vetter Current Tap # NY e. Cooke # SHADES & STANDS # Chicago IL e.

Bernard co # DYNAMOS MOTORS ARC LAMPS # Troy NY E. Gleason Mfg Co # ELECTRICAL & GAS SUPPLIES # NY e. Greeley & co #BULBS Miniature Incandescent Lamps # NY [Eastern Electric Mfg Co # Sawyer # Middletown CT] [easton electric co #DYNAMO MOTORS ARC LAMPS # Chicago IL] [economical electric lamp co # BULBS AKA Economical Lamp # NY] [economy electric co # BULBS # Warren OH] [eddy electric mfg co # MOTORS GENERATORS # Winsor CT] [Edicon Elektrische-Beleuchtung-Hagen # GERMAN BOOK EDISON SOCKETS MOTORS & ITEMS] [Edison Company For Isolated Lighting # DYNAMOS # NY] [edison decorative and miniature lamp department # BULBS # Harrison NJ] [Edison Electric Light Co # LEGALS # NY] [Edison General Electric Co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # NY] [Edison Lamp Co # BULBS INSTRUMENTS # NY] [edison manufacturing co # BATTERY FANS ETC # NJ] [Edison United Manufacturing Co # DYNAMOS BULBS SYSTEM # NY] [edward lasell & co AKA Monarch Bulb # Chicago IL] [Edward Miller & Company # KEROSENE LAMPS LIGHTERS ETC # NY] [edwards & co # HOUSEHOLD GOODS BELLS ETC# NY] [elblight company of america #NY] [Electric Appliance Company AKA Salt Lake Electric Supply Co # Chicago IL] electric arc light co AKA Louis B Marks M.

# ARC LAMPS # NY [electric cigar lighter & advertising co # CIGAR LIGHTERS # St Louis MO] electric co AKA E. R Sockets # Economic Regulating Sockets # NY [electric construction & supply co AKA WARD & KNIGHT] [Electric Engineering & Supply Co AKA EE&S # NY # CHICAGO # ST PAUL] electric gas lighting co AKA Louis W. Burnham # ELECTRIC-GAS-LIGHTING HOUSE GOODS ITEMS # Boston MA [electric manufacturing company AKA BRILLIANT LAMP # BULBS # Oconto WI] [electric merchandise co # RAILWAY SUPPLIES INSULATORS FUSE WIRE HEATERS # Chicago IL] [electric motor & equipment co ASA Brewster Universal Sign Receptacles # Newark NJ] [electric protection co AKA STEVENS FLUSH SWITCHES # Philadelphia PA] [Electric Railway Equipment Company AKA ELRECO STREET LIGHTS POLES ETC # Cincinnati OH] [electric secret service company # ARC LIGHT ARC CUT-OUT # NY] electrical construction & supply co AKA F.

Pdf [electro chemical & specialty co # FANS # NY] [electrolier company AKA electrolier mfg company AKA SISSON AUTOMATIC ELECTROLLER] [elektron manufacturing co # DYNAMOS MOTORS # Springfield MA & NY Office] [emerson electric mfg co # FANS MOTORS SWITCHES # St Louis MO] emfelectricalye00compgoog. Pdf [empire china works # ELECTRICAL PORCELAIN # Brooklyn NY] [empire city electric co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # NY] [eureka electric co # SWITCH BOADRS PHONES # Chicago IL] [eureka extension fixture co AKA EUREKA EXTENSION SCISSOR LIGHT # Marion IN] [evans friction cone co # Evans System DYNAMOS MOTORS # Boston MA] [ewing-merkle electric co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # EVERBEST BULBS # DYNAMOS MOTORS Etc #St Louis MO] [excelsior electric co AKA Hochhausein System # MOTORS DYNAMOS # Chicago IL] f. Maxstadt mfg co # FUSES CUT-OUTS ARRESTERS # Chicago IL Faries Mfg Co # AKA ROBERT FARIES # ADJUSTABLE MACHINE LIGHTING FIXTURE PARTS Etc. # Decatur IL [federal electric co # TUNGSTEN FIXTURES CHICAGO LIGHTING # Chicago IL] [federal miniature lamp co ALSO SEE Bryan Marsh Co # BULBS # NY & Chicago IL] [fiberite co AKA Medbery Insulation ALSO SEE mason electric equipment co] [fibre pipe co AKA Indurated Fibre Pipe Co AKA Fibre Conduit Co # FIBER CONDUIT # NY] [fidelity electric company # Lancaster PA] [fisher & cramphorn # KNIFE SWITCHES # Boston MA] [fleming-spence electrical co # ALTERNATING ARC LAMPS # NY] [Folmer & Schwing # GAS FIXTURES & FITTINGS # NY] [fontaine crossing & electrical co AKA FULLERS SYSTEM # DYNAMOS # Detroit MI] [foote pierson & co # CLEAT FUSES # NY] [ford-washburn storelectro co # FANS MOTORS # Cleveland OH] [Foree Bain # DYNAMOS # Chicago IL] [forest city electric works # AKA FOREST ARC LAMP HANGER # Cleveland OH] fort wayne jenny electric light co AKA Fort Wayne Electric Co.

AKA Fort Wayne Electric Works [fort wayne lamp co # BULBS # Cleveland OH] [fostoria glass specialty co # ARC GLOBES # Fostoria OH] [fostoria incandescent lamp co # BULBS # Fostoria OH] frank h. Stewart & co # CORD ADJUSTERS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # Philadelphia PA frank w. Morse AKA Never Break Electric Lamp Guards # Boston MA [franklin electric and manufacturing co # FANS # BULBS # Hartford CT] fred l. Gregory #ADJUSTABLE HANGER # Chicago IL fred m.

Locke & co # INSULATORS # Victor NY [Friedlaender & Company # CRYSTAL GLASS FIXTURES # Established in 1869 # NY & CHICAGO] Frink AKA I. Frink - George Frink Spencer # MIRROR REFLECTORS # NY g.

Brunt porcelain works # INSULATORS TUBES CLEATS # East Liverpool OH [garton-daniels electric co # ARRESTERS # Keokuk IOWA] [Gate City Electric Company AKA Central Clectric Co Chicago] [gates & randolph # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ARC MOTORS ETC # Chicago IL] [gates electric manufacturing co # DYNAMOS MOTORS # Chicago IL] Gaumer AKA Biddle - Gaumer Co AKA John L. Gaumer Company # Philadelphia PA General Electric Company AKA G. E Co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES general incandescent arc light company AKA S.

Schwalm & co #NJ -----LEFT OFF geo. Webster #PA AKA Diamond Cord Adjuster geo. Carter & co #CHICAGO AKA Anchor Lamp geo. Colgate co #NY george h. Kitchen & co # GAS FIXTURES 1850s # NY [Germania Electric Co - Boston] [Gibson Gas Fixture Works] [Gill Glass and Fixture Co] [gillespie & tartt # COUNTERWEIGHT LAMPS ADJUSTABLE #Edwardsville IL] [Gillett MFG Co] [gillette-vibber co AKA GEE VEE # CONDUIT # New London CT] [Gilmore] [Gleason & Baily Mfg Co - Chicago - Steuben Incandescent Lamps] [globe electric light company #BOSTON] [goltz & sinclair #MILWAUKEE] [goodchild & welsh #NJ] [goodwin & kintz co #CONN] [Great Western Electrical Supply Company #CHICAGO AKA great western manufacturing co] [greenwood mfg & supply co #BOSTON AKA Greenwood Street Lamp Guard] [griggs mfg co #CHICAGO] [Guth] [Gyro Lamp & Shade Co AKA Gyro Lamp & Shade Corp # Chicago IL] H.

Ball manufacturing co #NY h. Johns mfg co [Hackenthal - NY] [hamacek alternating-current enclosed arc lamp] [hamlin & russel manufacturing co #MASS] [hammond cleat & insulator company #BOSTON] [Harry Pickhardt] [Hart & Hegmann Mfg Co AKA Hart Mfg Co] [harter & co #CHICAGO] [Hartford Dynamic co] [harvard electric company #CHICAGO] [Hawkeye Electric MFG Co - Davenport] [hayes fyfe company #CHICAGO AKA FYFE RHEOSTAT] [Heisler Electric Co AKA Heisler Electric Light Co] [helios electric company #PHILADELPHIA] [hemingray glass co #KY IND] Henry N. Hooper [Hill Electric Co] hinsdill electric co AKA Charles A. Hinsdill # ADJUSTABLE MACHINE LIGHTS # Troy NY [hipwell mfg co #PA] hold fast lamp co #ST LOUIS AKA W. Matthews & Bro [Holophane Catalogs & Ads] [Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co] [hope electric appliance co #PROVIDENCE] [Horn Brannen & Forsyth] [hornberger electric mfg co #ELKHART IND] [Housatonic Manufacturing Company] [howard incandescent lamps] [Hubbell] [hubley manufacturing company #LANCASTER PA] [huebel & manger #NY] [hunter fan & motor co #NY Successor to Tuerk Water Motor Co] [illinois electric co #CHICAGO] illinois electric lamp co #CHICAGO - ALSO SEE W.

Hood - Jewel Lamp [Illinois Electrical Material Company - Chicago] [imperial porcelain works #NJ AKA Duggan Cleat] incandescent electric light manipulator co #BOSTON ALSO SEE j. Dunn [independent electric co #CHICAGO] [independent incandescent lamp co #CLEVELAND OHIO] [interior conduit & insulation co #NY] [international arc lamp co #NY] [interstate complete electric construction co #ST LOUIS] [interstate electric company #CLEVELAND] Iona ALSO see redding electric co. Division # ADJUSTABLE MACHINE LAMPS & SHADES # Cleveland OH [Ivanhoe # Miller Company Division # LIGHTING FIXTURES # Cleveland OH] j.

Lang electric company #CHICAGO J. Grant high & co #PHILADELPHIA j.

Seaman #CHICAGO AKA Crown Cord Adjuster j. White mfg co #NY j. Dunn #MASS ALSO SEE incandescent electric light manipulator co j. Hays & co #PITTSBURGH j.

Oefinger & co # Chicago IL j. Lang electric company #CHICAGO j.

Williams #NY [jaeger mfg co #NY] [jaeger miniature lamp mfg co #NY] james c. Wormley & co #CHICAGO [jandus electric co #CLEVELAND] jas. Mason #NY [jenny electric motor co IND] [jewell electrical instrument co #CHICAGO] [john cox & co #GAS FIXTURES 1850s # NY] [john kammer company #CHICAGO AKA New Rival Lamp] [Jones Bros Electric Co - Cincinnati] [julius andrae & sons co #MILWAUKEE] k.

Company #MASS AKA HARDY LAMP [kellogg switchboard and supply company #CHICAGO] [kendrick & davis #NH] [kentucky electrical co #KY] [keough brothers & co #BOSTON] [kester electric co #IND] [keystone electric company #ERIE PENN] [keystone electrical instrument company PA] [Kimball] [KINGSMAN] [Klemm Reflector] [Knapp Electrical Works - AKA Perkins] [la boiteaux electric motor & fan co #CINCINNATI] [La Roche Electrical Works - Philadelphia] [Lake States - General Electric Supply Co - Incorporated # LIGHTING FIXTURES # OH & IND & MICH] [Langlois] large & twining #PHILADELPHIA AKA N. Large & Son [law battery company #NY] [lea mfg co #IND AKA Lea-Hooven Mfg AKA L-H ARC Lamps] [leclanche battery co #NY] [Leonard & McCoy] [Loomis] louis e. Hall #CHICAGO AKA Lehall-Radiant Bed Lamp louis m. Pignolet #NY [lynn incandescent lamp co #MASS] m.

Austin & co #CHICAGO M. Curtis # GAS FIXTURES 1850s-60s #NY m. Wood #CHICAGO AKA Eureka Porcelain Cleat [Macbeth-Chimneys] Major Equipment Co.

Chicago [Manhattan Electrical Supply Company] [manhattan general construction company #NY] manhattan incandescent lamp co #ST. PAUL [marietta manufacturing co #PA] [Markle Engineering Co - Stoddard] [Marshall Electrical Supply Co AKA Marshall Sanders Co #BOSTON] [mason electric equipment co #NY ALSO SEE Fiberite Co AKA MEDBERY SOCKETS] [Mather Electric Co] [mccay engineering company #BALTIMORE] [McCreary-Kneeland] McFaddin & Co AKA H. McFaddin # NY AKA Emeralite Company Inc [McGill Manufacturing Co AKA Crescent Electrical Specialties # WIRE GUARDS # Valparaiso IN] Mcintire & Co. NJ [McLeod Ward & Co AKA Kinsman desk light] [melzer & co #CLEVELAND] [menominee electric & manufacturing co #MI] [Metropolitan Electric Company # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # Chicago IL] [meysenburg & badt incorporated #CHICAGO] [Midland Electric Co - OMAHA] [missouri electrical manufacturing co #ST LOUIS] Mitchell Vance Co [Moe Bridges] [moline incandescent lamp co #ILL] [monarch electric mfg co OHIO] [moon mnfg co #CHICAGO] [morris arc lamp co #PA] [morris tasker & co #PHILADELPHIA] [Mosher Arc Lamp Co - Chicago] [muncie electrical works #IND AKA Muncie Electrical MFG Co] murray flint glass works #PHILADELPHIA AKA Jas-James.

Electric construction & supply co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # St. Y electrical & development co #NY [nashold cleat co #CHICAGO] [national conduit manufacturing co #NY] [National Electric Manufacturing Co] [Nernst] [Ness McLaren & Bate] [new jersey lamp & bronze company #NEW BRUNSWICK NJ] [new lexington high-voltage porcelain co #OHIO] [new york & ohio co #WARREN OHIO] [new york electric company #NY & CHICAGO AKA Stopper Lamp Repair] new york electric equipment company #NY AKA S.

BERGMANN [Northern Electric Company - Canada] [Northwestern Electrical Specialty Co AKA ECONOMIC LAMP # BULBS # Chicago IL] [Novelty Electric Co #PHILADELPHIA] [novelty incandescent lamp co ALSO ST Marys #PA] [Noyes Bros] O. Platt mfg co #BRIDGEPORT AKA New England Switch ALSO SEE Perkins [ohio electric works #CLEVELAND] [olburn electric mfg co] [onondaga dynamo co #NY] [orient electric co OHIO] [osborn-morgan company #CLEVELAND] [osram #BULBS #General Electric] [Overbagh Ayers MFG Co] [Oxley-Giddings-Enos] [P&S] p. Wagor & co #MASS [Pacific Electric Co #WI AKA Espersen's Adjustable Shade AKA Arnold Novelty] [Packard] [Paiste] [paragon fan & motor co #CHICAGO] [pardridge shade and reflector co #CHICAGO] [partrick & carter Electrical Supplies AKA Partrick Carter & Wilkins] [peerless electric co #OHIO] peil-macfadden #CHICAGO AKA Carl K. MacFadden & John Peil STOPPER BULB [pennsylvania electric engineering company #PHILADELPHIA AKA Maggie Murphy Lamp] [peoples electric co #WIS] [Perkins] [Peru Electric MFG Co #IND] [Pettingell Andrews Co] [phelps company #DETROIT] [Philadelphia Electrical & MFG Co -aka PEMCO] [Phoenix Glass Co] [Phoenix Light Co] [Pittsburg Reflector Company] [point marion mfg company #PITTSBURG] [pond electric co #BOSTON] [porter-leavitt electric motor co #RI] [Post Glover Electric Co] [premier electric company #BROOKLYN] [proctor-raymond electric co #NY] [puritan electric co #BOSTON] [queen & co #PHILADELPHIA] r. Thomas & sons co #OHIO R. Corey #NY ALSO SEE general incandescent arc light company r. Spalding 1850s FLUID-OIL FIXTURES # BOSTON MA [railway equipment co #CHICAGO] [raster carbon rheostat co #CHICAGO] [RAU Manufacturing Co] [rauscher ST PAUL MINN AKA John Rauscher] redding electric co. Reynolds Self Adjusting Cut-Out [RIES Electric Specialty Company - Baltimore] [robbins & myers co #OHIO] [Rockford Electric Mfg Co - ILL] [rooney-westbury electric lamp co #NY] [Ross Craine] [roth & eck #CHICAGO AKA Roth Bros & Co] [royal arc electric co #NY] [Royal Electric Co - Peoria] [royal incandescent lamp co #CLEVELAND] [Rutkin Electrical Supplies] S.

Robert Schwartz - New York (Samuel Robert Schwartz) s. Couch co inc #BOSTON s.

C specialty co #MASS #Also see wallace electric co s. Rushmore #JERSEY CITY [Sawyer-Man Electric Co] [Schaefer] [scheeffer instrument co #PEORIA] schiff jordan & co #NY AKA S. Reflector [schneider mfg co #CLEVELAND] Schuyler Electric Co.

Conn scott & janney elec. & mfg co #PHILADELPHIA [scott electrical mfg co #NY] [security insulator co #NY] [shadowless radiator mfg co #MINN] [sharp electric mfg co #NY] [shawhan-thresher electric co #DAYTON] [shawmut fuse wire co #BOSTON ALSO chase-shawmut co] [shelby electric co #OHIO] [shelton electric co #CHICAGO] [short electric railway co #CLEVELAND] [Short Electric Railway Company - Cleveland] [Siemens & Halske] Siemens_history_long. Pdf [simplet electric co # Chicago IL] [simplex electric co #CHICAGO] [simpson electric mfg co # FANS # Chicago IL] [snyder & hunt co #IA] solar arc lamp co #NY AKA Solar Electric Co. & Brooklyn Electric MFG Co [solar glass co #OHIO AKA Solar Incandescent Lamp] [sorensen #NY] Southern Electrical Supply Co # ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES # St. Louis MO [specialty manufacturing co #IND] [sperry electric railway co #OHIO] [Sperry Electrical Mining Machine Company Of Chicago] [sprague electric company #NY] St.

Louis Electrical Supply Co st. Company Info [thayer electric co #CLEVELAND] [THEODORE-SMITH-MANUFACTURING-CO] [thomas edison jr #NY] [Thomson-Houston] thos. Muir & son #DETROIT [Tiffany] [Tod Hunter Lanterns] [Toledo Chandelier] [Tower-Binford] [tri-light electric company #BIRMINGHAM ALA] [triumph electric company #OH] [trumbull electric company #NY AKA Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Company #CONN] [tuerk water meter company #NY MERGED See hunter fan & motor co] Union Electric Manufacturing Company AKA alexander barney chapin - AKA A.

C [union hardware co #NY] [union porcelain works #BROOKLYN] [United Edison Manufacturing Co] [united electric improvement co #PHILADELPHIA] [United States Electric Lighting Company] [Universal-Electric-Stage-Lighting-CO] [utica electrical mfg & supply co #NY] [Vallee Brothers] [Van Depoele Electric Manfacturing Co - Chicago] [varney] [victor electric company #CHICAGO] [vitrite & Luminoid co AKA Mansfield Electric Co] [vomacka & mazanek #NY] vought #LA CROSSE WI AKA M. Vosburgh mfg co #NY w. Davis electric co #PITTSFIELD MASS w. Adams & co #CHICAGO W.

Hood - Jewel Lamp - Chicago ALSO SEE illinois electric lamp co w. Edwards mfg co #CHICAGO W. Hill [waddell-entz electric co #NY] [wagner electric mfg co #ST LOUIS] [walker mfg company #CLEVELAND AKA Walker Company] wallace electric company #CHICAGO Also See S. C Specialty Co [ward leonard electric co #NY] [Ward-Kinsman-Adjustable] [waring electric co #BOSTON AKA Claflin & Kimball Incorporated AKA NOVAK LAMP] [warner electric co #MUNCIE IND] [warren electric & specialty co #OH] [washington electric co #CHICAGO] [waterhouse gamble & co #NY & HARTFORD] [Weber] [Welsbach Light Company] [Wenstrom Co - Baltimore] [western display co #MINN AKA Reflectric] [Western Electric Co] [Western Electrical Supply Company-WESCO] [Westinghouse] [Weston] [Wheeler] [white mfg co #CHICAGO] [whitny electrical instrument co #BOSTON] [wiemann arc lamp] [William Inglis Wire and Iron Works of Detroit] [wire & iron works #DETRIOT AKA William Inglis Wire Guard] wm.

Lintner #NY AKA Hubbell Speed Indicator [Wolff] [Woodhouse & Rawson] [X-Ray-Curtis Lighting] [yost electric mfg co #TOLEDO OHIO] [zucker & levett chemical company AKA hercules dynamos #NY]. I think you can see just how CRAZY this is for value! Loaded and full of hidden treasures!!! I say this because I also have private areas that were never meant for others eyes. I have not left out anything that I own - everything is on this drive!

Please contact me with any questions or special requests... If you want ONLY the lighting catalogs I will sell them on a drive at 500.00 plus 89.00 for the drive :. There is no license or special permission needed to print, copy or use these catalogs for your own personal research and study. The item "ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts" is in sale since Saturday, September 30, 2017. This item is in the category "Antiques\Decorative Arts\Lamps". The seller is "catalogsondvds" and is located in Somersworth, New Hampshire. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, South africa, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russian federation, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi arabia, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa rica, Panama, Trinidad and tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica.
  • Maker: Handel Tiffany
  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Country/Region of Origin: United States
  • Age: 1850-1899
  • Primary Material: Bronze

ENTIRE ANTIQUE CATALOG LIBRARY Lamp Light Gas Oil Electric Shade Insulator Parts